Black Police Officers with Guest Steven Chalmers

Black Police Officers with Guest Steven Chalmers

June 29, 2020
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We are excited to welcome our first guest on the show for this third episode – retired Police Chief for the Durham PD, Steven Chalmers. He talks with our hosts about what it was like to be a black police officer in Durham and getting to work with the first black officers of the police department who laid the groundwork for him and other black officers after him. He also touches on his time as Police Chief and incorporating community policing into the department, as well as what the future of this current civil rights movement looks like, saying it requires not just a reforming of law enforcement, but a transforming of law enforcement. Listen in to hear more!

New Civil Rights Movement 2020

New Civil Rights Movement 2020

June 22, 2020

In this second episode, our hosts discuss if this is the Civil Rights Movement for the younger generation (Millennials & Generation Z), in regards to protests, how to support the Black Lives Matter movement, and what it looks like moving forward. Each host also takes a little time to explain their first encounter with racism directed at them at a young age.

We want to say another special thanks to Dr. Charles Johnson from NCCU for providing us with reading materials and historical information for these episodes!

The image of the protestor that BJ mentioned in this episode can be found here.

And the video of Kimberly Jones explaining “How Can We Win” using a fixed game of Monopoly reference can be found here.

Discussion on Slave Patrols

Discussion on Slave Patrols

June 15, 2020

Announcing You & Five-O's new podcast, with hosts BJ Council (Owner/Founder of You & Five-O), Harmony Chavis, and Drew Council. With this podcast, we aim to discuss current events surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement, while connecting back to You & Five-O's mission to educate people on safe and lawful interactions with law enforcement. In this first episode, you'll meet the hosts and hear a little about what brings them to our podcast. Then we dive into discussing current events and take a look at historical information surrounding the roots of policing, and how it relates to slave patrols.

Special thanks to Dr. Charles Johnson from NCCU for providing us with reading materials for our first podcast episode!

All three articles are available on our Google Drive, here!

The two encyclopedia entries are from The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, Volume 10: Law and Politics; Book Editors: JAMES W. ELY JR. and BRADLEY G. BOND Published by: University of North Carolina Press

Slave Codes Chapter was written by John R. Wunder; Slave Patrols Chapter was written by Sally Hadden.

The article Slave Patrols, “Packs of Negro Dogs” and Policing Black Communities was written by Larry H. Spruill; Source: Phylon (1960-) , Vol. 53, No. 1 (Summer 2016), pp. 42-66; Published by Clark Atlanta University.

Another great book to check out on this subject is Slave Patrols written by Sally Hadden.

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